Weddington Way NYE Wedding Challenge

Working as a stylist I have helped many brides, bridesmaids, and mothers-of-the-bride dress for that special day. I love discovering wedding fashion design companies that come up with trendy, attractive and affordable styles for this very special occasion. That's why I was thrilled when Weddington Way contacted me and challenged me to come up with a style board for a NYE wedding. How fun is THAT?

In my experience working with wedding parties, a bridesmaid wants to create a fun, joyous event for the bride. However the bridesmaid also wants to show her personality, be comfortable, and most importantly, feel confident in her bridesmaid attire. I chose Weddington Way's Veronica Tuxedo Gray dress for this challenge. It creates the perfect canvas for a glammed up look with pink accessories galore! I think NYE calls for pink champagne and all the trimmings! Take a look at other bridesmaids dresses from Weddington Way here.

  1. This simple, pocketed bridesmaid dress in gray is a fantastic backdrop for glamorous accessories. Plus your girls can style it and wear it again and again. Weddington Way Veronica Bridesmaid Dress, $129.
  2. 246 Ct. Heart Shape Pink Mystic Topaz Sterling Silver Pendant with 18" Chain, $25.eBay
  3. Splurge on these Bavna Sterling Silver Earrings with Ruby Composition, $1,000, Bluefly.
  4. Boohoo Darcie Woven Cape Jacket, $40, Boohoo. 
  5. PIECES Pearl Bracelet, $12, Pieces.
  6. Benjamin Adams Lawrence Ivory Wedding Shoes, $185, BridalShoes.


Dress Like You Mean Business So You GET More Business in 2015


I talk to so many women who don't like the way they look in clothes so they give up and make do with the sad clothes in their closet. They end up looking old-fashioned or frumpy which does not attract new clients. If this sounds like you, it's time to release all self-doubts about your age and appearance and make up your own fashion rules that express ALL OF YOU!

Many of today's business woman over fifty are gutsy, sexy, and personality plus! Their style expression is completely personal and effortless. They've given themselves permission to dress their own way, and they're not a slave to fashion trends (unless they work!).

Ladies, it's time to GET IT RIGHT! You can't afford to make the wrong first impression, and you certainly can't afford to make costly mistakes with your time, energy, or money. Here are four tips to step up your style and stand out!



Tip 1 - Clean out your closet at least once a year and get rid of the following clothes:

  1. Business suits - if your business requires a conservative appearance, break up the suit into separates and add a gorgeous scarf or brooch. For example, pair the blazer with wide-leg or skinny pants in a complementary color. Pair the trousers with a moto jacket or belted cardigan.
  2. Elastic-waisted pants that make even the skinniest women look big.
  3. Long, A-line skirts - if you're saving them because you think they'll be back in style some day, forget about it.
  4. Bulky, cable-knit sweaters - these will only add weight to your body and increase your frump-factor faster than anything else. Do not wear sweaters with appliques especially around the holiday!
  5. Frumpy-looking shoes - you know what I'm talking about, the clunky, heavy-heeled shoes that you know are NOT sexy or flattering but they're really comfy.

Tip 2 - Build your wardrobe around simple, classic styles that flatter your figure, and add interesting and unifying pops of color, texture, and pattern:

  1. In the photo above left, Anna Wintour is keeping her dress and coat silhouette simple and classic, letting the pattern express her story.
  2. Susan Street, photo above right, is wearing three classic pieces with an updated spin. Her accessories pull the outfit together in a sophisticated way.
  3. Look successful. Let's face it, we're drawn to people who look successful! Spend money on well-tailored blouses and blazers, luxe fabrics, fabulous colors, trendy accessories, comfortable and fashionable shoes. You'll get more "cost per wear" from classic pieces.

Tip 3 - Create a business uniform that represents your personal brand:

  1. Creating a business uniform reduces the stress factor of shopping or getting dressed for last-minute client meetings. Build a uniform of core staples in your neutrals with pops of color. Your business uniform should align your inside and outside, feel comfortable, express your personality, and fit your body shape properly.
  2. Have your "wardrobe essentials" on hand, cleaned and pressed. Pieces such as camisoles, dark jeans, blazers, button-down blouses (I love to pop the collar and scrunch the sleeves!), slacks (my current favs are cigarette-length pants), cashmere sweater, dressy boots, dressy coat, and accessories.
  3. Do you know what color palette best represents your personal brand? An easy way to create a uniform is around a color palette because your wardrobe will easily mix-and-match. Buy colors that match your eye color, skin tone, and hair color. If you've let your gray shine through, you can wear cool, rich tones in blues, violets, and intense or muted pinks to add personality. If your skin tone is warm, colors like orange-red, plum, bronze and gold add richness to your uniform.

Tip 4 - Know what works with your body shape and what flatters your figure:

  1. First, determine your natural body silhouette created by your shoulders, waist, and hips: hourglass, inverted triangle, triangle, rectangle, or apple shaped.
  2. Know your proportions and dress accordingly using garments to balance and elongate your body. For example, a beautifully pear-shaped woman has a well-defined waist and full hips -- I adore this sexy silhouette! Since your lower half is larger than your top half, the key is to wear clothes that create balance and proportion by drawing the eye upward and wearing brighter colors and more embellishments on top. The length of your tops should always hit your hipbone. Accent your small waist with a belt or empire-waist dress. Emphasize your shoulders with a boat neck or cowl collar. De-emphasize your hips with wide or bootleg pants, A-line skirts and dresses that flow gently away from your bottom half. If you can wear heels, the height will elongate your leg line. If heels aren't an option, wear shoes or boots that match the color of your pants or skirt to create a long, lean look.

I'd love to hear from YOU: Do you have any 2015 style resolutions you'd like to share? What are you going to do next year to Step Up and Stand Out?

How Confident Are You?

This week's topic is about CONFIDENCE. Why is confidence important?

Confidence is one of your most important assets (and sometimes the most fleeting). It is more important than what you know or even how much experience you have. You've heard the term, "Fake it til you make it?" This phrase is a mindset of positive belief that promotes confidence. The "fake it" part is the awareness that you may not know everything about a particular job or task before taking it on. For example, you may have to walk into a room at a networking event and make a good first impression with strangers. The "make it" part is a mindset of success. So, even if you have fear or internal self-doubts, you have the belief that you can face anything and be successful. 

Every job I ever got was a "fake it til you make it" moment during the interview. I had to show my prospective boss that I believed in my ability to do the job. I mean, who knows everything about a job before you accept it? If I had shown any self-doubts about my ability to do the job it would have been a confidence killer and probably an interview killer.

For many women, confidence has everything to do with how you feel about your appearance. You may be ready to do more meaningful work in your career, but you have self-doubt because you know you'll need to get out and sell yourself. You'll need to make a good first impression so you have to get your image right! The negative self-talk chips away at your confidence, causing you to not believe in yourself, avoid taking risks, and look to others' opinions instead of trusting your gut. This lack of confidence may stop you from taking the necessary steps to start a more meaningful career or leave an unhealthy relationship.

Confidence gives you the strength to trust your gut
and follow your passion!

How confident are you when it comes to creating your own signature look? 
Are you confident enough to follow your own voice?